iOS 13.1 and iPadOS 13.1 Developer and Public Beta 4 released

Apple releases the fourth iOS 13.1 developer and public beta to testers today. This comes after last week’s launch of the third beta developer. This update comes just a day before the official release of iOS 13 to the public.

The update brings,

  • New Dynamic Wallpaper
  • Audio Sharing for AirPods and PowerBeats Pro (Only a few have found this feature)
  • Icons of the devices in the AirDrop share sheet
  • Volume HUD shows the name of the device in which you are listening to music
  • Sharing ETA in Maps

There are a few other changes that come with the update, and it also squashes bugs and works towards improving the usability of the OS.

iOS 13.1 will be officially released later this month on September 30th.


Sriyansa Mohanty
Author: Sriyansa Mohanty

From India. A student who loves blogging about technology.

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