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Apple TV receives the tvOS 13 update, brings Apple Arcade & more

Apple has pushed updates for iOS 13.1, iPadOS 13.1 and tvOS 13.

So, finally Apple Arcade is available for the big screen and just tons of more features. Now you can connect your Playstation DualShock 4 controller and other wireless Bluetooth controllers to play games on the TV. The homescreen has now been redesigned to showcase full screen video previews which provides a far better viewing experience.

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Multiple users have been made available for the very first time, allowing more than one profile to be available on Apple TV and each family member to have their own tailored Apple TV interface with distinct suggestions, music playlists and Watch Now lists.

The Control Center has also received an update which provides profiles, time and date, search, a Now Playing widget, AirPlay controls, and a sleep option, can be used to switch between profiles. New screensavers are also available now for your Apple TV. You also get the new picture-in-picture mode that lets you watch a movie or a video while surfing through some other apps.

If you are on the beta version of the tvOS, make sure to remove the profile and then search for the official update.

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