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Apple seeds iOS 13.1.2

Wait What? It’s out already? 

Apple today released iOS 13.1.2 just a few days after 13.1.1 . It’s amazing to see speedy software updates to fix bugs. We received iOS 13.1.1 to fix the battery drain issue and Apple decided to release another update today which fixes a couple of other bugs in the software. They are:

1. The progress bar could show during an iCloud backup even though the backup was completed successfully.

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2. iOS 13.1.2 fixes an issue where the Camera would not work

3. Flashlight would sometimes not activate

4. It fixes a bug that could lead to the loss of data calibration.

5. Addresses a bug where Bluetooth may disconnect in some vehicles.

6. Addresses an issue where shortcuts could not be activated through HomePod.

Apple has been doing a great job at releasing updates to it’s devices. It has an industry-leading software support for atleast five years. Even the oldest devices like the iPhone 6s and the iPhone SE run extremely well on iOS 13.

Update for better optimisation of your iPhone or iPad or iPod Touch. Thanks for reading and Happy Updating!

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