Today is the beginning of October and that means that people across the country will be getting ready for Halloween all this month.

Part of getting ready for Halloween can also mean that you listen to Halloween-themed music. Fortunately for you, Apple Music does have you covered for this. The music streaming service does have stations and playlists that have some of the best Halloween music on the internet.

The first option is the Halloween Party playlist that Apple has created itself. It contains 49 songs and has music that is not necessarily bones beating against a drum with scary sounds in the background, but more so music like Michael Jackson’s Thriller and I Want Candy by Bow Wow Wow, among many others.


Another option for you would be through searching for other playlists that others have created or specific albums. A great example of this would be The Nightmare Before Christmas soundtrack, which is a great album for both the Halloween and Christmas seasons.

Apple Music does have radio stations such as Halloween Party, Halloween for Kids and Halloween Radio Movies and Soundtracks that will have you dancing all day and all night.

We hope that at least one of these options gets you in the spirit for the 2019 Halloween season. Happy Halloween, everyone!