Over the years, companies have slowly allowed for their rewards cards to be available in the Apple Wallet, making it easier for those with an iPhone to have quick access to it when shopping in stores.

We have seen this from businesses like Walgreens, HyVee, JCPenney, Kohl’s and many others out there.

A Reddit user discovered today that Jimmy John’s is now allowing for users to have access to their Freaky Fast Rewards card right from the Apple Wallet app. Best of all, it’s contactless, meaning that a cashier does not have to scan the card, but simply let you tap the rewards card to the debit/credit card reader when making a transaction.


Again, this all makes it so that we, the consumers, have more access to this type of stuff, as well as the convenience to the point where you can tap both your rewards card and pay with Apple Pay or Apple Card when checking out. It does not get easier than that.

This can all be done from the Jimmy John’s app in the App Store, both to sign up for the Freaky Fast Rewards card and to put it in your Apple Wallet app. It is free to join and put in the Wallet app.