Along with yesterday’s big update for the Spotify app, which is now available on the Apple TV, the new update also came with support for Siri Shortcut integration.

Spotify on the iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad now has Siri Shortcut support, meaning that users can open Siri from their selected device or say “Hey Siri…” and the app can now take requests such as “Play ‘Back to Life’ by Hailee Steinfeld on Spotify.” From there, Siri will get the song playing on Spotify, whereas previously it would play it from Apple’s music streaming service, Apple Music.

Additionally, this will also work on other devices like AirPods, HomePod and even in the car with Apple’s CarPlay dashboard, where Spotify does have an app available on it.

This is big news for those who do not have or use Apple Music for listening to music and is a feature that Spotify users have been asking for the past year to get.

Spotify is available for $4.99 a month for college students, $9.99 a month for regular users and $14.99 a month for the family plan. Due to these new updates, Spotify is now available on the iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad, Apple TV, Mac and CarPlay.

Feature image courtesy of PatentlyApple