Apple released iOS 13.2 Beta 2 exactly a week after iOS 13.2 Beta 1. iOS 13.2 Beta 1 had a few irritating bugs, for which beta testers anticipated Beta 2. The size of this update is 400-500MB which varies from device to device and the version of iOS you are updating from. The build number for this update is 17B5068e.

iOS 13.2 brings in a few features like Deep Fusion and other minor features and improvements across the OS.

The major changes in iOS 13.2 Beta 2 are:

1. New Emojis: Apple just added new emojis to the keyboard in this beta. Now you can use even more emojis to express yourself.

When you select a couple emoji, you can now change the who is on the left side and who is on the right side.

Source: Emojipedia

2. 3D Touch/Haptic Touch: When you 3D Touch/Haptic Touch on an App icon, “Rearrange Apps” is now renamed to “Edit Home Screen”. You also have the option to Delete the app in the menu.

This update is highly recommended for those who are using iOS 13.2 Beta 1.