One of the saddest moments of 2018 for many people across the United States was seeing the once great Toys “R” Us file for bankruptcy and close all of its stores.

Due to the fact that the company has emerged from bankruptcy and coming back for the 2019 holiday season, consumers can now go to Toys “R” Us’s website again to make purchases, which will redirect the consumer through Target, where the purchase can be made.

Screen Shot 2019-10-09 at 8.53.21 PM

That might sound difficult in wording, but essentially, if you are going to be making a purchase through Toys “R” Us’s website this holiday season, once you find your item, you can click on the Target button on the page, which will then let you make said purchase through Target.

It is assumed that Toys “R” Us’s partnership with Target means that Toys “R” Us will pick up some sort of traffic-driving affiliate royalty, similar to Amazon’s affiliate program.

With all of that said, if this is done through an iPhone or iPad with the Target app installed on it, that does mean that users will be able to go to Toys “R” Us’s website, order an item from that website, which will then open up the Target app on that iPhone or iPad, making it so that you can make your purchase, support both Toys “R” Us and Target, and be able to pay with Apple Pay right from the Target app.

Please note that this will only work on the iPhone and iPad with the Target app on it since Target’s website does not accept Apple Pay on it at this time.

Apple Pay was previously accepted in Toys “R” Us stores before all of them closed in 2018.