It was announced earlier this year that the University of Tennesse, along with a few other colleges across the country, were going to be bringing Student IDs to the Apple Wallet app.

A new tweet by @CBORD on Twitter has announced that students at the University of Tennessee can now add and access their Student IDs from the Apple Wallet app. Student IDs will be able to be accessed from the student’s iPhone or Apple Watch.


This means that students can open their campus dorm or apartment by using their iPhone or Apple Watch. Additionally, they will also be able to use their Student IDs through the Apple Wallet app to get into the college’s cafeterias and enter other buildings on the campus.

Students should be able to access this now. For those that do have this at the University of Tennessee or any other colleges, we’d love to hear about it and how it is working for you. Let us know about your experience in the comments!