Apple Launches New T-shirt Collection Exclusive to Infinite Loop

Appleosophy | Apple Launches New T-shirt Collection Exclusive to Infinite Loop
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From time-to-time, Apple likes to announce new and exclusive collectors edition products, like their previously available $300 photo book. This time, Apple’s Infinite Loop stores were refreshed with new products, but this time the additions are a bit unorthodox for the tech company. A fresh lineup of exclusive T-shirts are now available for sale which will have any Apple history buffs or longtime Apple fans jumping for joy. These collectors edition T-shirts are only for sale at Infinite Loop locations, and retail for $40 apiece.

The shirts come in 12 all-new flavors, two of which include a flag inspired by Steve Jobs’s famous quote “It’s better to be a pirate than join the navy.” The flag is said to have flown over Apple’s offices while the original Macintosh was in development. The flag, originally designed by Susan Kare in 1983, includes a skull and crossbones symbol wearing a six-color Apple logo as an eyepatch.

Every one of the shirts includes some historical nugget of information, an ‘Easter Egg’ if you will. For example, many of the shirts Apple debuted feature Apple Garamond, which was the company’s official typeface until the early 2000s. Some also read Infinite Loop, similar to a sign which was formerly posted at the entrance to the campus. Plus, some throwback “hello” and “Cupertino” shirts referencing old Macintosh ads, and the location of Apple’s founding, respectively, are available for purchase, amongst others.

So if you’re planning to visit Apple’s stores at Infinite Loop anytime soon, don’t forget a souvenir in the form of a T-shirt— it’s a safe bet they won’t be around for long.

Learn more about Apple’s Infinite Loop location.

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