For those who are looking to watch the 2013 Jobs film, starring Ashton Kutcher as Apple co-founder and former CEO Steve Jobs, Vudu is currently allowing consumers to watch the movie on their streaming service for free with ads.

Prime Video currently has the movie available on its streaming platform to its users that either subscriber to Amazon Prime or those who subscriber to Prime Video through iTunes.

The Roku Channel is another outlet to stream Jobs. That can be done through a Roku device with the Roku Channel on it, Roku’s website, and through the official Roku app in the App Store.

You can rent it from iTunes for $3.99 and purchase it for $14.99. However, it would be much cheaper to buy the DVD or Blu-ray version of the movie since the movie is older and the price of it has cheapened throughout the years.

It is currently unknown how long the movie will be available for free to stream on Vudu, so if you have thought about watching it, now would be a good time to do so. Click here to watch it from Vudu.