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iOS 13.2 Features and Changes

Apple has finally released one of the highly anticipated iOS 13 update, which is iOS 13.2. Apple had released the first beta of iOS 13.2 in the beginning of October, and here we are, receiving the polished version of it. Everything is smooth and almost perfect with minimal amount of minor bugs. Alongside this release, Apple also announced AirPods Pro which will be released on the 30th of October 2019 with the Beats Solo Pro Wireless and note that you will require iOS 13.2 to use these devices.

This iOS 13.2 update brings in quite a lot of major features which are:

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1. Deep Fusion: This is the biggest and most wanted feature of iOS 13.2. This feature is only available for the latest 2019 iPhones which are the iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro and the iPhone 11 Pro Max. And What is Deep Fusion exactly? It takes 4 shots before you click the shutter, one long exposure shot when the shutter is clicked and 4 shots after the shutter is clicked. All these nine images combine into one image and gives a clear sharp and vibrant image.

2. Transfer to HomePod: You can now Transfer your listening data to your HomePod once you return home, by just waving holding your iPhone over it. This option is in Settings>General>Airplay & Handoff which has also been renamed.

3. 3D/Haptic Touch Menu: When you 3D/Haptic Touch on an app icon, you now have an option to delete the app, and the option-“Rearrange Apps” has been changed to “Edit Home Screen” Also when you 3D Touch on a folder, the rename icon has been redesigned.

4. Volume HUD: You will notice in the change in the slide-away animations of the Volume HUD once you install iOS 13.2. Also at the bottom of the Volume HUD, the text has been removed, which makes it look more cleaner.

5. Music: When you go to the now playing tab, and click on edit icon on the right, you’ll obviously see the music you’ll be listening to next, but when you swipe down, you’ll get a Haptic feedback and it will show you the history, and ofcourse you can clear it. Also there is a new design for the repeat and shuffle buttons. The 3D/Haptic Touch Menu has also changed for songs.

6. New emojis: There are a bunch of new emojis in iOS 13.2 because includes the new unicode update. Also, when you select couples in the emoji section, you can now change skin tones of the person on the left and right.

7. Settings: When you go to Settings>Siri & Search, there is a new option – “Siri & Dictation History” which allows you to tap on it and delete the dictation history with Siri on your iPhone. Under the Privacy section of the iPhone, there is a new option called RESEARCH and Analytics has been renamed to Analytics & improvements and here you get an option to improve Siri & Dictation. If you don’t want to send your dictation and Siri history to Apple, you should turn this off.

8. Announce Messages with Siri: This feature is back, and now whenever you are wearing your AirPods, and this option is enabled, your new messages will be announced and you cam reply to it also. This feature only works with the AirPods 2nd Generation or AirPods Pro.

This update is highly recommended! Update for more stability and features. Happy Updating!


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