We have been hearing leaks and rumors about a Tile-Like accessory which will connect wirelessly to your iPhone. It’s been a while since we have heard the last rumor. It looks like Apple may have added support for this accessory in their latest iOS update which is iOS 13.2. This has been found within the files of iOS 13.2I.

It will be called “AirTag” and will connect to your iPhone just as AirPods connect to your iPhone and you will be able to track it with the Find My App. The folder currently contains images of AirPods, HomePod and other devices, but it does not reveal the actual design of AirTag. One asset has been found called “BatterySwap” which confirms the ability to change the batteries on AirTag.

Source: 9to5Mac

We do not know about the release date of this product as of yet but since some files for AirTag have been inserted into the latest version of iOS, the release for this product may not be that far.