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Apple TV apps you should be using right now

Everyone always talks about devices like the iPhone, iPad and Mac when it comes to apps. Heck, we even covered the Apple Watch yesterday, in terms of its app selection and which apps you should be using. Today is going to be all about the Apple TV though.

The Apple TV has become the gateway to our entertainment on our household big screens. There is so much to be offered through the Apple TV from streaming services that we are truly spoiled rotten.

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With that said, here are the following apps we think you should be using on your Apple TV.

  • Frndly TV: Regardless of whether or not it is the holiday season, I think we all enjoy a good Hallmark movie every now and then. The service also has The Weather Channel, Game Show Network and Outdoor Channel as well, giving you a good amount of channels and content to watch. The app itself is free and Frndly TV starts at $5.99 a month. You can see our review of the Apple TV app here.


  • Asphalt 8: I for one am not a huge fan of Apple TV games. However, there was one day where I really wanted to play a good racing game on my at-the-time new Bluetooth controller. This is a great game for those who just want to play something simple. The controls for just using the Siri Remote are decent, but I do recommend having a controller that you can use for the Apple TV to play this game. Another added plus to the game is that you can drive a Tesla in it! Asphalt 8 is available in the tvOS App Store for free.


  • Pluto TV: For those that are looking for free TV, then this is a great app to find that. There is something that is truly for everyone on this service, including sports channels, news networks and a few channels where you can watch current and old Nickelodeon shows. And yes, that includes classic Spongebob Squarepants episodes too. Pluto TV is a free app in the App Store.


  • GrubHub: How can you not enjoy ordering great food to be delivered right to your doorstep right from your Apple TV…and you barely have to do a thing? GrubHub is a free app in the tvOS App Store.


  • Locast: For all of those that want to cut the cord, get their locals, but not have the bulky antenna attached to their TV or home, this might be a good solution. With this service, you should be able to stream all of your local FOX, ABC, NBC, CBS and CW stations, including other local channels such as PBS, MeTV and ION. The only bad part is that it is only available in certain areas at this time. These areas include Baltimore, Boston, Chicago, Colorado Springs, Dallas, Denver, Houston, Los Angeles, Philadelphia, Rapid City, San Francisco, Sioux Falls, New York City and Phoenix.

Did we miss any other big ones? Let us know in the comments below and we just might edit this article a little bit and feature your comment as one of the Apple TV app recommendations.

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