Throwboy launches Pocket Pillows Kickstarter campaign

Today, Throwboy has launched its newest Kickstarter campaign that is all about its newest product, Pocket Pillows.

These are not pillows for you, your pet or for a small child. Instead, they are designed to be on a shelf or nightstand and showoff who you are as a person. Heck, they can even be at your desk at work too. Just make sure that if you do bring it for your desk at work, that you don’t use it to fall asleep on.

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Right now, there are two designs to the Pocket Pillows that are the 1984 Macintosh and 1998 iMac G3. Based on how sales are for these new Pocket Pillows, there could be more to come.

You can currently place an order for these new Pocket Pillows through Throwboy’s Kickstarter page. They cost $15 each and you can get two for $30. The Pocket Pillows are expected to ship in May 2020.

David Becker
Author: David Becker

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