Opinion: What I would buy with a $100 iTunes gift card right now

I think I can speak for most people when I say that iTunes gift cards are never a bad gift to get, whether it’s a Christmas gift, stocking stuffer or birthday gift. For me, I always have stuff I want to buy. I can easily spend the money on the card in less than a day.

So, if I had the credit on my iTunes account right now, what would I buy with it all? The final results may surprise you.

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What I would buy:

  • Sports Night (Seasons 1 & 2): This is a short-lived series on ABC that was written by Aaron Sorkin, my favorite TV and movie writer (2015 Steve Jobs, The Social Network). It was a great TV series and I would love to own it since it is no longer on Hulu or the ABC app anymore. Both seasons cost $14.99 on iTunes.


  • Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip: Again, this was a short-lived series, with this one on NBC, It was an Aaron Sorkin-written TV series. It currently costs $24.99 on iTunes right now and no streaming service currently has it.


  • Rent the documentary Ivory Tower: I am not a huge documentary person, but I do want to see this one since, well, I’ll be honest, I’m not a big believer in modern-day college, so I would like to see what this documentary could tell me about it (yes, I did graduate from college). It’s a subject that I think a lot of people really need to think about today. The average person in 2019 had over $30,000 in student loan debt. To rent this film from iTunes, it would cost $3.99.


  • Watchbook for Facebook: I’d like to have a good Facebook app for my Apple Watch one day (I’m in no rush for it) and I have heard nothing but good things about this app. Watchbook currently costs $2.99 in the App Store.


  • iJustine Teaches FCP X: One of the things that I want to do in my life is to learn more about Final Cut Pro so that I can use it as a skill in my life one day. You never know when a skill like that might come in handy. I still need to buy Final Cut Pro from Apple, which likely will not be happening anytime soon. iJustine Teaches FCP X is available in the Mac App Store for $29.99.


  • Silicon Valley (Season 6): It’s the last season of the show and it is something that I must own. Yes, it costs $14.99 and at this point, it would go over $100 for this article but only by $6.94, which I would be more than okay with paying extra for into my own personal finances.

At the end of it all, in this article, I would have spent $106.94 (before taxes). That’s not too bad for me and I think that it would be money well spent.

David Becker
Author: David Becker

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