Vine replacement “Byte” has been released

It has been a few years since Vine shut down, which was shut down back in 2017. Since it shut down, there have been many young people out there that wanted a replacement to the service and the closest we have come is TikTok.

However, as of yesterday, the co-creator of Vine, Dom Hofmann, announced on Twitter that the second coming of Vine, Byte, is now available for both iOS and Android. Byte was previously called “V2” (Vine 2) but was eventually switched to Byte.


Byte works incredibly similar to Vine, where the videos posted in the app are six seconds long. You’ll also find the top Byte videos at the time, latest videos and that you can search for people based on their username. Users can upload videos from their catalog on their smartphones or use the Byte camera in the app to make videos and content from it too.

Right now, there is not a feature that would enable users to type in certain words or a hashtag to look for Byte videos that are specific to what they are looking for.

The app is going to face some big competition. Its competition will include apps like TikTok, Instagram, Snapchat and YouTube. It’s a tough market, but perhaps Hofmann and his team are up to the challenge.

You can get Byte by simply clicking here. Enjoy.

David Becker
Author: David Becker

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