Apple Pay now available through CKB Banka in Montenegro

It would appear as though Apple Pay is now gaining more acceptance overseas. As of today, the service is now available in Montenegro through Crnogorska Komercijalna Banka (CKB).

This was announced this morning through CKB Banka’s Instagram account, which has currently made two posts on its account about the new advancements in its mobile banking.

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What Apple Pay allows for users to do is pay for their items in stores with an iPhone or Apple Watch. The same can be done online through the iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch and Mac.

Where Apple Pay stands out is through its privacy, security and encryption. While paying for items normally through a store, one has to enter their pin number when using their debit card to verify that it is them. The card reader then makes a one-time number to verify the process, making it more secure so that if there was a data breach of some sort by that business, the customer’s card information would not be available to hackers.

When customers are paying with Apple Pay, all they have to do is tap their iPhone or Apple Watch to the card reader and then verify with their face or fingerprint on the iPhone. On the Apple Watch, it is verified by either constantly monitoring your BPM and body to truly know that it is you, or, if you are really nervous, you can set a passcode that makes it so that you type in a passcode each time that you use Apple Pay on the Apple Watch.

On other devices like the iPad and Mac, users are to verify with either Face ID (iPad Pro), Touch ID (iPad, MacBook Air and MacBook Pro) or if the device does not have either, you click on the Apple Pay icon at the checkout and then verify on your Apple Watch or iPhone.

CKB Banka is the first bank in Montenegro to begin accepting Apple Pay as a payment method, so this could be big news for the people over there that also have this bank too. Apple has added to its website to show that Montenegro has Apple Pay support now too.

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