CARROT Weather Apple Watch app gets 5-day forecast complication

A popular iOS and Apple Watch weather app just got a little bit better today with the release of its new update, which brings a five-day forecast complication to the Apple Watch.

This means that users of the Apple Watch app are able to view a five-day forecast by merely lifting up their wrist. Additionally, they can also see the current temperature and the percentage for the chance of precipitation that day.

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Here is the full app update details from CARROT:

Winter’s in full swing now, meatbags! Hopefully you gathered enough nuts to survive until the spring thaw because I’ve got a brand new update that you need to enjoy.

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5-Day Forecast Complication (Premium Club required)

At long last, you can now view your extended forecast right from your watch face! From my complication customization screen, just set the “Center Forecast” option on the Infograph Modular face to “5-Day Chart” and you’ll be the envy of all your little meatbag friends who have to *open an app* like a peasant just to see the same information.

I also fixed just enough bugs and made just enough performance improvements to meet the quota for putting “bug fixes and performance improvements” in these update notes.

CARROT Weather is a free app in the App Store and has multiple tiers for its subscriptions. You can view which tiers they have and what they include by clicking here.

On top of being on the iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad and Apple Watch, the app is also available on the Mac and Apple TV.

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