PlayStation Vue officially shuts down


The predicted shut down of PlayStation Vue has finally come, ending functionality to the service that was five years old.

This was discovered this afternoon by PlayStation Vue TV viewers in the Eastern region of the United States that found a message saying, “PlayStation Vue is no longer available. Thank you for your support.”

PS Vue

On Twitter, there have already been tweets about the end of the service:

There was even a tweet that criticized the people from Sony who worked on the project, who apparently never “took a marketing class.”

For those that are still looking for an alternative to PlayStation Vue, we have that right here. If you are going to be looking for a cheap replacement for Vue, then we suggest that you look into the brand new live TV streaming service, VidGo, which is priced very similarly and has a similar channel lineup, compared to PlayStation Vue.

RIP PlayStation Vue

March 18, 2015-January 30, 2020