How to make memes from the iPhone and iPad

Memes have taken over the internet and have made life both better and funnier. I think I can speak for everyone when I say that memes bring more enjoyment to our day.

With that said, have you ever wondered about how you can make your own memes? Believe it or not, it’s actually really easy to do and does not cost much.

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The first thing that you’re going to want to do is download the Dopameme app. The reason we recommend this one is that when saving memes, it does not leave an app or company watermark. In addition to that, it has all of the modern meme formats.

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The second app that you will need will be Pixelmator. This is an app that will cost $4.99 in the App Store. This app will allow you to be able to add captions to your photos that you want to make into a meme.


Yes, the app is considered to be photo editing software where the user can change the color, filter, add captions, and for the case of this article, you can make memes from it. I would know because I have been using it to make memes on it for almost a whole year.

Note that the Pixelmator Photo app on the iPad is not the same Pixelmator app that we are talking about.

Both Dopameme and Pixelmator are available on the iPhone and the iPad. Pixelmator is also available in the Mac App Store for $29.99 if you wish to use a Mac to create your memes.

Let us know in the comments if this helped you out. Also, what is your method for making memes from your iPhone or iPad? We are genuinely curious about this.

David Becker
Author: David Becker

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