iCloud gets browser support for Android and other operating systems

Appleosophy | iCloud gets browser support for Android and other operating systems
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It looks like Apple has made another move into making some iOS features more accessible for those on different operating systems like Android.

Today, it was discovered by News Landed that iCloud.com has received support so that those using other operating systems can access iOS apps like Notes, Photos, Reminders and Find My iPhone.

Over the last couple of years, Apple has made some of its other services available on different platforms. Apple Music has been available on Android for a while and Apple Music has been accessible for Windows users via the iTunes app in the Windows Store. The Apple TV app is available for Android, Windows, Amazon Fire TV, Roku devices and select Smart TVs.

It should be said that this works on iOS devices too via Safari and other browsers in the App Store. News Landed took some screenshots of the apps and how they look in a browser on both iOS and Android.




Find My iPhone:

News Landed has also reported that when you enter Account Settings, it merely just shows you how much iCloud storage you have left and external links for Apple ID.

It is currently unknown how long Apple has been allowing this, but it is good to see them allowing those on a different OS to use those features even if they are not using an iPhone.

This could also be good for those who have made the switch from an iPhone to an Android smartphone and need to get some of their notes, pictures or perhaps copy-and-paste a reminder. Apple would probably rather that they stay with the iPhone and Apple ecosystem, but at least they are offering something to those who changed to the other side of the smartphone world.

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