The Appleosophy website redesign is here

The day has come where we here at Appleosophy have decided to change things up a little bit. Our website has been redesigned from the ground-up so that you, our readers, can get a new view of the website.

One of the first things that we did with the change was that we put the site in Dark Mode, meaning that when you are reading, the site will look darker and be easier on your eyes.

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Another item you can see is that when you first enter the site is that the top four latest stories up on the left side, with our most popular stories on the right side. Below the Newest Stories section, you will see our latest Appleosophy Weekly podcast, where you can listen to via Spotify right there on the homepage.

Below that, you will find all of the latest stories that we have on the website at that time. This makes them easier to access and in a better layout than what we had before.

When you’re on the website and right on the homepage, you will find on both the top and right parts of the website, you will find links to our Merchandise Store, Apple product deals, categories and links to our social media accounts.

The planning for this has taken several months to do but we are glad that we now have it published on Appleosophy and that it is fully functional.

We have removed our channel from the Apple News app for the time being, as we are currently in the process of redesigning that too. In order to access our content, you will have to go to our website to access the latest and greatest Apple and tech news on the web.

A special thanks goes to Praveen Nagaraj, who has been a recent hire of Appleosophy and has been the one making this redesign possible. You can find the other website that he manages, which is News Landed.

We hope that you enjoy the new website design update and that if you have any questions or concerns, let us know in the comments or contact us on Twitter (@Appleosophy).

David Becker
Author: David Becker

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