How to get books for cheap and pay for them with Apple Pay

Appleosophy | How to get books for cheap and pay for them with Apple Pay
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Book lovers should be able to rejoice to this one. Let’s face it, you’re always trying to find ways to get books for cheaper than market prices and there is a way to do so and pay with Apple Pay too.

There are still some stores like Barnes and Noble and Books-A-Million out there that sell physical books in brick-and-mortar retail stores. But with a society that is getting more and more involved with online shopping, they probably want to get those books at a cheaper price than what the bookstores offer and still even lower than some discount retailers like Target and Walmart.

The place to go to for all of this is ThriftBooks (No, this is not an ad). Not only does the site have a huge selection of books to choose from, but they sell DVDs and CDs too.

What makes the site even better is the fact that even though its prices are quite cheap, they still accept Apple Pay. Along with its iPhone app, customers can pay with Apple Pay in the desktop version of the site too.

This means that if you have a Mac that enables you to use Apple Pay on it, it can be used from that Mac. That means that if you have a MacBook with Touch ID on it, such as the 2018 MacBook Air or MacBook Pro with TouchBar, you can verify your Apple Pay purchase from the laptops themselves. Those without Touch ID will have to verify on either their iPhone or Apple Watch.

There is currently no iPad app for it, but users can still use the mobile and desktop versions of the ThriftBooks website to find books, make purchases and pay for them with Apple Pay. The same can be said for the mobile site on the iPhone too.

If cheap prices and paying with Apple Pay was not already great enough, any order that goes over $10 gets free shipping.

Of course, for those who do not want to pay with Apple Pay, they still have the option of typing in their credit/debit card information or checking out with PayPal.

This is a fantastic way to save money on books and keep your card information secure with Apple Pay.

Let us know in the comments if you plan on using ThriftBooks now or have used them in the past for purchasing books. I can say that I personally have and it has saved me a lot of money!

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