Why do people choose Apple?

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Appleosophy | Why do people choose Apple?
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As the days increase, we see more and more people using Apple products, such as an iPhone or iPad. People trust Apple because of various reasons:-

1. Privacy and Security: Apple is well known for their Security system in their devices. For example, there is a very rare or absolutely no chance that any Apple product could be hacked. If you lose your iPhone and it has a passcode on it, there’s no way that any other person can access the data without your passcode. If you have Touch ID/ Face ID set up on your Apple device, it is encrypted on the chip and the biometric data on the device never goes out of it even when you take a backup. The biometric security of an Apple device is very secure. Touch ID already very secure but Apple took a step further and announced Face ID in 2017 with the iPhone X. It maps the geometry of our face and throws more than 30000 invisible dots on our face to get the 3D authentication of our face. You cannot fool the phone to be unlocked even with a 3D Mask. The cool thing is, it unlocks in total darkness too!

Appleosophy | Why do people choose Apple? Activation Lock Screen Source: Apple

Appleosophy | Why do people choose Apple? iPhone locked. Source:Apple

2. iMessage and FaceTime: iMessage and FaceTime services are communication services by Apple. People choose Apple Products because of these features. iMessage provides a rich, fast, and a secure end-to-end encrypted message service to Apple users. FaceTime is a calling service which provides a user with a rich video and audio call quality between Apple devices. You can also do a Group FaceTime call with 32 people in total, and you can add effects and Memojis within your FaceTime call, to make the experience even more fun and rich. When you are on a Group FaceTime call with many other people, the one who speaks gets highlighted, or his/her video is made larger which allows you to understand the person who is speaking. Again, all this is very secure and private. Since many people use Apple, they may not like green bubbles out of the blue!

3. Customer Support and Service: Apple has a very Good Customer Support system. If there’s any problem with your product, you can just call, chat, or visit the Apple Store and you’ll be sure to find help from anyone of the Apple employees. If there’s any hardware issue with your device, Apple will fix it with great care and effort. The Customer Support team of Apple are extremely helpful.

4. The Apple Ecosystem: If you use a variety of Apple products, you know what I’m talking about. All your devices are interconnected with your single Apple ID. You copy text on your iPhone, and you can paste it on your Mac. Everything is connected. All your Photos on your iPhone will directly show up on iPads and other devices which are linked to the same iCloud account. Siri also plays a major role in this ecosystem. Siri is always ready to help.

Appleosophy | Why do people choose Apple?

5. AirDrop: AirDrop is a feature which let’s you transfer files or photos to other Apple devices nearby. With increasing number of iPhone users, this feature is really helpful.

6. Long term Software support: Apple is known for its Long term software support. It gives a minimum of 4-5 years of software support, counting from the time when the particular chip (processor) was released. The iPhone 5s which was released in 2013 got it’s 6th year of support with iOS 12 in 2018. Even after so many updates and features, these older devices remain to be smooth and fast (Won’t say the same for the iPhone 4s on iOS 9). As far as Android is concerned, it gets a maximum of 3 years. Still now, Apple continues to release Security patches for the devices which do not support iOS 13 which are the iPhone 5s and the iPhone 6 series.

7. Simplicity: Apple devices are simple and easy to use, which is why people prefer Apple. Apple devices have tons of features but they maintain simplicity in their devices with their software.

8. Quality and Material: Quality and Material plays an important factor for choosing an Apple product from the others. The stainless steel borders on the high-end iPhone models feel extremely premium. Apple has good quality products, they are also energy efficient and they are environmentally aware which is why All the Apple data centers run on 100% renewable energy. Apple also uses recycled materials to produce different products. Learn more about it at https://www.apple.com/in/environment/

9. App optimisation: Since there are not as many iPhone models as the Android ones, Apps are designed or optimised for each and every device which adds to the overall experience

These are a few reasons why people tend to choose Apple. Apple has everything from privacy to software.

Let us know your thoughts and the reasons why you picked Apple out of others.

Pururaj Dutta
Author: Pururaj Dutta

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