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Appleosophy | App Review: VidGo for Apple TV

Since early last month, I have been fortunate enough to be selected for the beta testing of the new VidGo for Apple TV app that has just been recently released by VidGo.

VidGo is a live TV streaming service provider that has up to 84 channels and costs $39.99 a month. It has a wide range of content including sports networks such as ESPN networks, FOX Sports channels and PAC 12 Networks. The service also has news networks like FOX News and Cheddar, as well as having all of the Disney and Nickelodeon channels too.

In the newest update for the VidGo app, came the upgraded channel guide, which is now a lot more like the Hulu with Live TV guide.

Previously, in the old Apple TV app, you had to click on the channel you wanted to watch and then the program that you were interested in, despite the fact that they both showed both. This was a problem on my end since we live in a society that wants the least amount of clicks and complications as possible.


The old Apple TV VidGo channel guide

The new VidGo channel guide is a lot better than its predecessor, which does make it so that there are fewer clicks and taps that need to happen, which is what we want to see in services like this.

VidGo Apple TV

The new redesigned VidGo channel guide on its Apple TV app 

Now, the service still does not have on-demand content or DVR support at this time, but VidGo CEO Shane Cannon has assured me that those features are “coming soon.”

Overall, the update to VidGo’s Apple TV app is getting 3.5/4 stars from me. I do like how this streaming service is coming along and I do think that it is a fantastic alternative for those who just lost their PlayStation Vue last month. Additionally, this could be a great service for sports fans looking for a cheaper route than Hulu with Live TV or YouTube TV.

I would lastly like to point out that I do like that VidGo is listening to its customers, in terms of how the interface of the streaming platform looks, works and feels. It can really make the customer and user feel like they are in the driver’s seat of the company.

VidGo currently costs $39.99 a month and is available to be streamed on the iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad and Apple TV.

Rating: 3.5/4 stars

David Becker
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