Official Mouse Support on iPad Pro: Is it a computer now?

The iPad Pro is one of Apple’s most famous and popular devices. Ever since its release in 2010, the iPad has only pushed the boundaries for other tablet devices. Fast forward to today where it is the perfect device for students due to its competitive prices and functionality.

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Its continuous growth in popularity had caused Apple to constantly innovate what the iPad can do. With the unveiling of iPadOS last year, Apple has been able to specifically create new features to grow functionality making it almost resemble a computer. And with their sister devices; the MacBook Air they are each being heavily compared.

Mouse support for the iPad was first seen in the Accessibility section where users could connect a wired mouse or assistive Bluetooth device to use their iPad. Turning this setting on, caused a small translucent circle to appear on your screen. While it was not very intuitive it served its purpose and allowed people who needed this feature to use their iPad Pro. While this was the first time we really saw anything close to a “mouse” it really wasn’t intended for everyone until recently.

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With iPadOS 13.4, we finally get the mouse support everyone wanted right. Well not quite. The mouse support that Apple unveiled recently is meant to work in relationship with the touch features that the iPad’s have had since their release. You are able to use the mouse to navigate around apps before it disappears. It is important to know that despite Apple announcing the Magic Keyboard for the iPad they do not want you to solely rely on a trackpad/mouse. This makes users who want to replace their MacBooks for an iPad Pro even more discouraged to do so because of this limitation.

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While many of us would like to see a macOS-style cursor on the iPad Pros, Apple wants to set the boundaries for there iPad and MacBook lines. So for now, we wait and see what the future of iPadOS has in store for 2020.

Omar Reyes
Author: Omar Reyes

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