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Review: Best Buy curbside pickup

Yesterday, I had the opportunity to try out the new Best Buy curbside pickup, which is currently the only way people can get items from their nearest Best Buy store, as the company is no longer allowing for customers to come in.

This is being done so that customers cannot come into Best Buy stores and take the chance of spreading the coronavirus that has been floundering throughout the country for the last few weeks.

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I had already made plans to purchase a new Apple Watch Series 5 after I received my tax refund this year. Even though local and national officials had told everyone to stay in, I decided that I would just go to my local Best Buy (one hour from my apartment) and pick it up there, and drive back to my apartment afterward.

The Sioux City, IA Best Buy that I went to get my Apple Watch Series 5. Photo by David Becker

Once I pulled up to the Best Buy, I opened the Best Buy app on my iPhone 8 Plus to check-in and tell the people inside that I was here and ready to pick up my item.

I rolled down my window, as one of the store’s employees was coming towards me. I told him my name and what product that I purchased. He then told me to park my car in one of the parking spots nearest to the store, which is where they would give me my Apple Watch.

Less than five minutes after I had parked my car, the guy was already coming out with my new Apple Watch Series 5. I rolled my window down again (it was raining) and he gave me the Apple Watch and I left the Best Buy and drove another hour north up to my apartment complex.

Apple Watch Series 5

Overall, the process could not have been simpler. I am thankful that Best Buy was still open, as well as its other stores across the country because if they were not, I would have had to place my order for the Apple Watch online and wait for it to come in the mail, which is risky in itself due to all of the bad things that can happen when making purchases like that online.

Of course, I could have waited until this whole coronavirus thing passes, but God only knows how long that is going to take and I’m an impatient guy nowadays, so this was the best option for me.

All in all, I’m giving Best Buy 4/4 stars when it comes to its curbside pickup and how employees are handling all of that. I just hope that next time when I do purchase a new Apple product or make a big tech purchase overall, that I’ll be able to do it in the store.

Rating: 4/4 stars

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