Apple plans to buy OLED Displays from Samsung for Future iPads and MacBooks as a compensation

Samsung rules the market when it comes to OLED Displays. Apple had no choice but to source panels from Samsung Display when it introduced the iPhone X, its first smartphone with an OLED display.

Samsung was supposed to earn a big amount as a result of this deal. Reportedly, Samsung was to supply Apple with 50 million panels in 2017 before ramping it up to almost 200 million panels in 2018. Apple had committed to a minimum order quantity when it agreed to buy OLED panels from Samsung. But the fewer iPhone sales than expected have prevented the company from reaching the target. Therefore, Samsung wants Apple to pay a penalty for missing its minimum order quantity.

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Korea’s ETNews reports that Apple now owes Samsung a penalty in the amount of hundreds of millions of dollars. Instead of paying cash, however, the report claims Apple has offered multiple options, including committing to OLED display orders for future products like “tablets and notebooks.”

So far, but none of the existing iPads or MacBooks feature OLED screens. Therefore, this deal now aligns with rumors which suggest that Apple is working on 16 inch Macbook Pro and newer iPad Pro models with the OLED Display.

Sriyansa Mohanty
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