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Review: Batteries for Mac

There is no doubt MacOS is a great platform, even though it needs some polishing, such as a widget for batteries in the Today page, but luckily, Rony Fadel, an indie developer made this wish into reality.

Batteries for Mac is a unique utility for macOS, that adds the batteries widget, similar to the one on iOS, to the Today page. You’ll be able to see the battery levels of your connected devices and it will send you notifications when your devices are running low on battery.

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At the moment, the utility has integrated support for your Mac, iPhone/iPad/iPod, AirPods and other bluetooth devices that offers battery view to the users (such as the Magic Mouse 2). The requirements for the iPhone/iPad/iPod to appear in the widgets sound as following:

  • Enable Wi-Fi sync in iTunes (macOS Mojave), or enable “Show this device when on Wi-Fi” in Finder (macOS Catalina and later).
  •  Be on the same Wi-Fi network as your computer.

For MacBooks Pro, Batteries for Mac also has support for the Touch Bar.

So, in conclusion, is it worth giving it a shot? Well, yes, beside the low price, users have the opportunity to download it, for a 2 weeks free trial, and decide later on if it’s suitable for them or not.


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