Netflix now allows you to lock your profile with a PIN

Using a shared Netflix account? Don’t want to let others member know what you’re watching? Another member messing up your Continue Watching section and your Watch List? No worries. Netflix has introduced a feature which will allow you to lock your profile with Four Digit Pin.

To lock your profile with a PIN, open a browser and go to Login with your email account and password if asked. Scroll down until you find “Profile & Parental Controls”. Tap or click on your Profile and you’ll find an option for “Profile Lock”. By default it will be turned off. Tap or click on change. Set your pin and no one logged in with the Netflix account will be able to access your profile.

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Other changes have been noted by TechCrunch, which are:

  • “Filtering titles based on their maturity rating in your country. Useful if you want someone to have access to more than just the kids section while still blocking off anything beyond, say, PG-13.
  • Disabling auto-play on a kid profile to make Octonaut marathons a bit more… intentional.
  • Blocking specific titles by name. Need a break from Boss Baby? Maybe add it to the list for a while. ”

This is a great feature implemented by Netflix. Update your Netflix app on your iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch or Apple TV to get these latest changes & improvements.

Pururaj Dutta
Author: Pururaj Dutta

Vice President of Redfruit Media

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