Instagram develops IGTV with deeper stories integration and app redesign

Instagram is very popular, there is no doubt, yet IGTV, the app that allows users to post stories with a longer duration, is not very used at all, compared to the total amount using the original app.

The push people into using IGTV more, Instagram continues to implement several features in the beta versions, such as deeper implementation with posts and stories, and a redesigned interface, for an easier access to what matters the most.

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Instagram claims that a completely redesign of the homepage in the IGTV app will help to develop and promote individual creators.

The new design is made this way: firstly, the users will see a “popular creators” at the top, then each user will get recommendations based on what they follow and what they might think the users will be interested in and a Discover tab.

The Discover tab might be the biggest update, given that the app currently only displays videos from people who users already follow as well as “popular” videos. The app is bare and requires people to tap into content to start watching. A discover tab could get them to content faster and encourage them to actually use the app.The Verge says.

In addition to the new changes, Instagram will also implement a new way to promote IGTV video on the main Instagram app, replacing the current thumbnail of the video, to a 15 seconds preview of the content. As this might be a follow-up to the same feature YouTube has implemented, it is believed it will help the users to click the and watch the full video.

Mihnea Bondor
Author: Mihnea Bondor

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