Honest review: Top 5 Apple Arcade games we recommend

Appleosophy | Honest review: Top 5 Apple Arcade games we recommend
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Apple Arcade is the game subscription service, launched in September 2019, with over +100 groundbreaking games, some of them being available there, others also being available on Steam for PC and MacOS.

The charm of the Apple Arcade is its integration across all the Apple Devices, and the option to share the features with your family for the same price, $4.99 per month. All the progress made is automatically synced through all of the supported devices to be ready to always pick up where you left off, although an internet connection is not required to play.

Frogger in Toy Town

In Frogger in Toy Town, you are frog what is going inside different places (inside the bathroom, kitchen, bedroom and more) to save the froglets, while avoiding the challenging obstacles that are waiting for you!

This first game is still under continuous development and they are adding more levels, challenges and costumes for your frog each month.

We recommend playing this game with a supported game controller, rather than a touch screen, for a much better experience.

Sneaky Sasquatch

In Sneaky Sasquatch, you are playing as a Sasquatch inside a forest camp, trying to find all the missing pieces for a treasure map, in order to save the park from getting closed by the Mayor.

We know, it sounds simple, but beside main story, there are different challenges, such as taking care of your Sasquatch (feeding it), stealing food from the park’s adventurous people, avoiding the park rangers, collecting disguises and winning against people at a different series of competition to earn either money or map pieces, such as car racing, skiing and much more.

What the Golf


What the Golf is a game “for the ones who hate golf” featuring many hilarious levels, where   you are supposed to play golf, with many other objects, beside a golf ball, such as houses, cars or even cats!

The wide variety is what makes this game truly unique, as none of them is the same, some of them are featuring the augmented reality features Apple has implemented in iPhones and iPads.

Hot Lava

Hot Lava is a version of the well-known game The floor is lava, where the player is inside a kid’s imagination, and plays lots of fun levels, jumping around and passing through obstacles to be among of the first places in the leaderboard!

Hot Lava is one of the only games from Apple Arcade that is 100% based on the Augmented Reality kit from iPhones and iPads.

Exit the Gungeon

Exit the Gungeon is a continue of the old Enter the Gungeon, featuring the same pixel-style graphics, and simple controls, in an indie game where you have to fight waves of monsters with a wide variety of weapons.

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