2020 iPhone SE teardown videos shows iPhone 8 similarities

With the launch and all the hype caused by the launch in the 2020 budget iPhone SE, everyone has compared it to the iPhone 8, sharing many similarities to the outside, including the same 4-7-inch design.

However, an early teardown video on Instagram, made by Rico Cerva, shows more similarities than we would have expected. Internally, the iPhone SE looks almost identical to the iPhone 8, yet the biggest change is the A13 processor and a different module.

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As the video is not in English, but features English subtitles, it briefly explains the process of swapping the components between these 2 iPhones, and shows various levels of success depending on each component. For example, switching the LCD hardware might work, but the switching the camera will not work. The idea of swapping the hardware might be a great idea for those who want to customize and enhance their iPhone 8 with the parts provided from an iPhone SE.


Mihnea Bondor
Author: Mihnea Bondor

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