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Apple releases new firmware and support advice for AirPods Pro

Lately many AirPods Pro users have been reporting issues that effect the earbuds, with users stating the earbuds weren’t working as well as they used to. One common issue that affects the AirPods reported by many users on the Apple Forums are static/crackling noises coming from the earbuds.

Apple released multiple support documents that mention troubleshooting for users to try who are experiencing issues with Active Noise Cancelling and/or static/crackling noises.

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Back in December Apple released a firmware update for the AirPods Pro, version 2C54 before shortly after pulling the update leaving many users on version 2B588. Apple recently released a new firmware update for the AirPods Pro version 2D15, which is stated to resolve the common issues that users are facing. If audio interference issues persists or you would like to troubleshoot further Apple suggests listening to audio in a different environment and/or trying a different audio application. If issues still persist contact Apple Support.

If Active Noise Cancellation issues persist, Apple suggests updating the AirPods firmware, your device software and making sure it is on the latest version then cleaning the AirPods thoroughly. If the issues still persist contact Apple Support.

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