Opinion: Which streaming services should come to Apple TV Channels

Apple TV Channels has been out for almost a year and even though it has many channels to choose from for people to stream content from, there are still some that I would still like to see.

These streaming services are ones I have chosen, not for my own personal benefit, but ones I believe would make some people happy and make a lot of people a lot of money.

Here are the following streaming services I would like to see on Apple TV Channels:

  • Hallmark Movies Now: It was relaunched in 2017 under its current name and has programming such as classic Hallmark movies, as well as original content such as “When Hope Calls.” It should also be noted that Hallmark Movies Now is available on Amazon Channels, so why would the company not pursue getting on Apple TV Channels? It cannot be because of the “Apple tax” since the regular Hallmark Movies Now app does have in-app purchases available. It costs $5.99 per month.


  • Yippee: This streaming service has family-friendly content for people of all ages. It also has a plethora of content such as TV shows like “VeggieTales,” as well as other children’s TV shows too. Yippee TV costs $7.99 per month.


Both streaming services are currently available to stream on the iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad, Apple TV and Mac.

There are only two streaming services we have on our list right now, but if you can think of any others, let us know on our Twitter at @appleosophy.

David Becker
Author: David Becker

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