Apple thrives at the ADC 99th Annual Awards


Source: ADC |Apple has always strived for the best quality in their products. One could argue the iPhone is their golden geese, making millions every year. But ever since the original iPod, advertisement and marketing have been one of the strongest points of the company. Who doesn’t remember those old silhouette iPod ads? Or those great MacBook Air commercials?

Today, on March 22nd, 2020, Apple has won multiple awards at the Art Director’s Club awards on its 99th annual edition. With their long-time partners TWBA\Media Arts Lab and their video short ‘Bounce’ they have earned the Best of Show award, as well as two Golden Cubes.


During the awards, Apple also scored different nominations and wins from its content. Besides the aforementioned Golden Cubes from the ‘Bounce’ short, the AirPods Pro marketing on different Apple stores won a Silver Cube, and the ‘Snowball’ short, recorded only with iPhone 11 Pro, won a Bronze Cube.

These awards continue to demonstrate the important role Apple has on the Creative scene, showing us their relevance in pop culture and the way they decide to show their own products. Always with a creative and unique perspective, Apple shows us what they are capable of doing with their products and media.

What do you think about these wins? Have you enjoyed the new Apple ads? I think the new ‘Snap‘ AirPods Pro ad will be a heavy contestant for next year’s ADC awards.