Apple taking Messages app on Mac to the next level.

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iMessage has gained so much popularity since it was first introduced in 2011. The Apple’s official messaging app supports so many features which are loved by everyone. With the upcoming iOS 14 Apple is working to replace the Messages app on macOS with a catalyst version.

Features like stickers, message effects and other extensions made the Messages app standout from the competitors. It have file supports, Device-agnostic conversation, encryption which are engineered perfectly. But when it comes to macOS, the Messages app only supports basic messaging functions. With the coming iOS 14 things are going to change with the use of catalyst version.

Messages app on iOS

First discovered back in 2017, Marzipan was an internal code name for a project that aims to adds new developer tools so that an app can be converted to run on iPhone, iPad, and Mac. Simply, a single app will run on all your iDevices. This enable the end users to use the apps without loosing any features when they switch from an iPad to Mac or to any other Apple platforms.

The early build of iOS 14 shows concrete proof for a catalyst version of Messages app going to be released with the next macOS expected to be released in June.

With every iOS update, the Messages app will get more features while it was abandoned on the macOS. So even though there exists some limitations in using catalyst versions, this will be a great update to the Messages app on macOS. Apple has always been a company where they give so much value to the customer satisfaction and with this update it’s certain that everyone is going to love their Apple products more!

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