IMDb TV gets exclusive streaming rights to “Malcolm in the Middle”

Yes-no, maybe? I don’t know? Should I watch this TV series? Well, now you have no reason no to.

IMDb TV has acquired the exclusive streaming rights to all seven seasons of the popular FOX comedy, “Malcolm in the Middle,” according to Cord Cutters News.

Starting June 1, the comedy will be brought to IMDb TV, where streamers will have the opportunity to stream the series for free.

Since IMDb TV be the new streaming provider for the series, it means that Hulu will no longer have the show on its streaming platform, which is a somewhat surprise since it is partially owned by 20th Century FOX, which has a partnership with Hulu and is owned by Disney, which also owns Hulu.

IMDb TV is a free streaming service that contains ads, but as many ads as one would see from traditional cable networks.

It has other popular TV shows on it such as “The Middle” (all nine seasons), “Dr. Ken” (both seasons and all six seasons of “Lost.”

“Malcolm in the Middle” stars Frankie Muniz, Bryan Cranston, Jane Kaczmarek, Christopher Masterson, Justin Berfield and Erik Per Sullivan.

IMDb TV is available to stream on the iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad and Mac.


David Becker
Author: David Becker

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