Businesses in the U.S. that have added Apple Pay during the COVID-19 pandemic

Businesses across the country have been adding more support for contactless payment methods such as Apple Pay.

This comes at a time where people are trying to get away from using physical money and essentially trying to stay as clean as possible, not only to keep themselves safe, but to prevent the spread of coronavirus.

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Here is the list of businesses that started the pandemic not accepting and have come out the other end accepting Apple Pay:

Other businesses such as McDonald’s, Pep Boys and others have been promoting it more in their locations to keep both employees and customers safe.

Chipotle has put cards in its chip reader slots, saying it will be adding contactless support soon, meaning it will soon accept Apple Pay in its restaurants.

Businesses such as JCPenney, which have select locations opened for business at this time, are currently accepting Apple Pay in its stores. However, the company’s app and website no longer have Apple Pay support. The same can be said for Staples too.

David Becker
Author: David Becker

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