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SiriusXM gets Apple Business Chat support

A couple of companies this year have been found to have added Apple’s Business Chat functionality to its customer service.

The two businesses that have added it this year have been Barnes and Noble, Ashley HomeStore and one college university, Barry University.

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By doing this, it enables customers to not have to verbally interact with customer service and do other things by and not be on the phone at the same time.

SiriusXM is the next company to do this. Customers now have the option to simply text SiriusXM customer service about any issues they may have.


When texting the customer service through iMessage, you will be given a prompt about which service you need, as there are multiple options. Those options are the following:

  • Cancel my service
  • Activate/refresh my radio
  • Billing questions
  • Update account information
  • Other

This means customers officially no longer have to call the company’s customer service line to cancel its services. It is one of the few companies out there where users cannot cancel its service from the company’s website. Instead, users typically have to call the customer service phone line to get their service canceled.

For the time, it appears as though this is technically native to SiriusXM from its website.

The way to access it is by typing on Google “siriusxm customer service phone number.” From there, use 3D Touch on the iPhone so it will give you the prompt to either call or text the phone number. Once you see the “Send Message” option in 3D Touch, tap that and it will take you to iMessage where you can begin your conversation with SiriusXM customer service.



I can already say that the service works since I tested it out by canceling my own SiriusXM free trial that I used a couple of months to do a review of the service in 2020.

The Business Chat does work and the person on the other end was able to cancel my service successfully.

Be sure to try it out for yourself and let us know on Twitter at @appleosophy if you used and it worked or if you plan on using it in the future.

David Becker
Author: David Becker

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