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HSBC UK now supports Apple Business Chat

HSBC has added Apple Business Chat to help customers keep in touch during the pandemic. Many business have added support recently for Apple Business Chat, as an easier and simpler way to interact with customers.

HSBC added Apple Business Chat to their support page, stating ‘this is a temporary service for general queries’.

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For personal account and product details, complete transactions, and other banking services, you will need to contact HSBC within the HSBC UK Mobile Banking application or Live Chat in online banking, according to HSBC.

To contact HSBC using Apple Business Chat, simply search HSBC on Apple Maps, then tap messages.

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HSBC has detailed a few key points on how Apple Business Chat conversations will be conducted and handled. Customers are recommended to read the tips to ensure a secure conversation.

  • We will be identified as HSBC UK during Apple Business Chats with us in Messages
  • Don’t share account details, passwords, access codes or other sensitive information. HSBC UK won’t ask you for these details in the Messages app, so if someone does, it’s not us
  • Anyone with access to devices connected to your iCloud account can see communications made using this service
  • We won’t pro-actively contact you through Apple Business Chat, but we may still send messages to you to provide: text banking services (such as overdraft and fraud alerts), One-time Passwords (OTPs), updates on product applications like your mortgage
  • We won’t ask you for any personal or account information
  • Please don’t use this service inappropriately or send us anything that’s illegal or could offend. Our staff may block you if you do
  • Please don’t share images, videos or other media as we’re unable to view these. We won’t ask you to send them
  • If you receive any message that you don’t trust, don’t select it, respond, or forward on the message.

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