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Opinion: Did Apple plant the seed for Apple Pay at Walmart during the WWDC keynote?

Apple’s WWDC keynote yesterday provided many headlines, including updates to iOS, iPadOS, watchOS, tvOS and macOS.

However, could Apple have possibly given us a subliminal message during the keynote?

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If you do not know, we have been reporting for months that Walmart could be accepting Apple Pay soon. There have even been recent rumors about going as recent as last week.

During the company’s WWDC keynote yesterday, Yael Garten, a director of Siri data science and engineering, had a part during her part of the presentation where the background screen reads “Shop Walmart.”

Screen Shot 2020-06-22 at 7.56.49 PM

Of course, this could mean nothing, but at the same time, it could.

Why would Apple choose Walmart to have in its presentation? Walmart has time and time again refused to bring Apple Pay support to its stores. It seems like a company like Apple would advertise Target, which has brought Apple Pay to its stores and app.

However, I think, in a way, Apple could be telling us that Apple Pay support at Walmart is on the way.

You might be thinking that something as big as this would be announced at WWDC this year.

Since our recent report says that Walmart is still testing the feature, it could be a little too early for Apple to say it’s coming. This is fine because not only does it give Apple Pay users something to potentially look forward to, but also makes sure that if it does happen, it’s ready to go.

So, here is when you could expect to hear more about Walmart accepting Apple Pay:

  • This summer: Now that we are in the summer season and that our recent article says that support could be coming “in a few weeks.”


  • September 2020: This is usually the time when Apple has an iPhone event and could be the time where, along with the unveiling of the new iPhone this year, Apple also announces that Apple Pay is coming to Walmart.


  • October 2020: Apple has had events in October over the years. Some years, but not always. It has been a time where Apple has talked about services before, which could be the time where they announced Apple Pay support at Walmart.


  • Holiday season 2020: Some might think that an October 2020 event would be considered the “holiday season” if you count Halloween as a part of that. With that said, sometime between November-December 2020 would be the last time where we could expect to hear about Apple Pay support at Walmart.

Of course, I hope to hear about Apple Pay being accepted and supported at Walmart every day of the week. I just hope now that Apple has teased us during its WWDC keynote that it just might mean it could be coming soon to Walmart.

Would you like to see Walmart begin to accept Apple Pay? Let us know on Twitter at @appleosophy.

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