Signs suggest Apple Pay to be available in Mexico soon

Earlier this year 9to5Mac reported that Apple Pay would likely be coming to Mexico after a reader by the name of Juan De Santiago sent in a screenshot on Twitter showing that his Banregio card could be added to the Wallet app on his iPhone. Santiago noted that while the card could be added to his wallet, it could not be fully activated since the verification process for Apple Pay is not yet available in Mexico. 

Today another twitter user @afromanam has reached out to Appleosophy with a photo of a in-store banner depicting support for Apple Pay through Banorte Bank; One of the four largest commercial banks in Mexico. Apple’s regional support page for Apple Pay, which maintains a current list of all countries currently supporting Apple Pay, has not been updated to reflect availability in Mexico.

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Source: Twitter – @afromanam

Could Apple already be rolling out support for Apple Pay in Mexico before its official debut? Have you or are you already using Apple Pay in Mexico? If so, reach out to us on Instagram or Twitter @Appleosophy 

Brahm Shank
Author: Brahm Shank

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