iPhone 12 might cost more than it was rumoured

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Appleosophy | iPhone 12 might cost more than it was rumoured
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According to Jon Prosser and several other leakers, it was anticipated that the iPhone 12 would be the cheapest than its predecessors. Yet as time passes, we keep on getting reports that might annoy the consumers. First, the news about the iPhone 12 lineup not shipping with a charger and earphone came as a blow. It was not enough that now we got to hear that the prices might also be hiked.

We have covered the expected price and features of the iPhone 12 lineup in a separate article.

Appleosophy | iPhone 12 might cost more than it was rumoured

As reported by MacRumors, analyst Jeff Pu says that the base model of iPhone 12 which was rumored to be sold at $649 will get a price hike of $100 and will start at $749. This is $50 more than that of last year’s iPhone 11’s base model.

He also mentions that this increase in price will be because of the components that the device will be using include an OLED Panel and 5G Band, when compared to the iPhone 11 having a LCD Display with no 5G Support. Pu expects the public to understand and accept the increase in price and that the demand of the device will not be affected by price hike.

Previous Models

The iPhone XR and iPhone 11 did really good all around the globe just because of their cheaper price tag. But, few people had complained about the massive size of these devices. That is why the iPhone 12 is going to come with a 5.4 inch display and for the people who liked the size, the iPhone 12 Max with a 6.1 inch display. But for the second category of people this might be a problem, because the iPhone 12 Max is expected to start at $799 or $849 making it expensive by a huge $100 to $150. So, the people who actually loved the size might have to think before going and purchasing the Max model.

Concluding Statements

It is still unsure if this would affect the Pro Models or if they would start at their normal price of $999 and $1099 respectively. The boxy design of the iPad Pro will be adapted by the upcoming iPhone and the design overhaul might be one of the biggest reason that the customers might want to upgrade their current iPhones.

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