How to buy iPhone 12 for Rs. 60,600 in India

Appleosophy|How to buy iPhone 12 for Rs. 60,600 in India
Appleosophy|How to buy iPhone 12 for Rs. 60,600 in India
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Apple launched the iPhone 12 series on October 13th, during its “Hi, Speed” event. Apple India followed suit and brought iPhone 12 and 12 Pro to India on October 30th.

iPhone 12 series has not received a very warm welcome. Especially after its price was unveiled to the public. iPhone 12 starts at Rs. 79,990 for the 64GB variant. ($1095 USD) including tax. This exorbitant price has started a wave of memes on the internet, including a headline from India Today stating that you can fly to Dubai, buy the iPhone 12 Pro and return, all while still saving money. To know everything about the iPhone 12 & iPhone 12 mini, tap or click here. To know everything about the iPhone 12 Pro & iPhone 12 Pro Max, tap or click here.

The Indian government had increased its Goods and Services Tax [GST for short] from 12 to 18 percent for smartphones earlier this year. This made iPhones even more expensive.Appleosophy|How to buy iPhone 12 for Rs. 60,600 in India
Apple, however, has partnered with HDFC to soften the blow by lowering the price of all iPhones by Rs. 5000 ($68 USD) by introducing a cash back offer if you buy with an eligible HDFC card. This offer reduces the price to Rs. 74,990 ($1097).
This offer is available to all Indian customers. 


But what if I were to tell you there is another offer, which you might not know about?

Most people do not know this another “secret offer” (as I like to call it) which can be availed if you buy from an Apple Authorised Reseller and from Apple.

Most businesses in India have a GST number. This GST number allows such businesses to file a tax return and lower the amount of tax they pay to the government. Hence, GST applied on the iPhone 12 can be claimed by the owner of such business.

If you have a business with a valid GST number, you can specifically request an Authorised Reseller to form a bill with your GST number in it. This offer is limited to businesses and their immediate relatives. Assuming the buyer is a business owner and has a valid GST number.

Appleosophy|How to buy iPhone 12 for Rs. 60,600 in IndiaThis brings iPhone 12’s price down by 18 percent, to Rs. 65,592 ($898 USD). Additionally, if the GST registered account is linked with HDFC and has an eligible card, the price is reduced by another Rs. 5000. At the end of this, the iPhone 12’s lowest possible price (as of writing) to Rs. 60,592 ($830 USD). Thus bringing the price of iPhone 12 pretty close to its price in the US.

These types of GST claims are available to all customers and on all products. GST percentage may vary from product to product. iPhone price to be paid in full at the time of purchase.

Important points to note

1. Rs. 5000 cash back will be made by HDFC on their own terms over a period of time, check with your reseller for details.
2. GST claim will not reduce the price on paper but deduct from the tax paid in the next tax return (if filed).
3. Business owners can ask for a bill with their GST number which can be used to file as an investment and claim the amount of GST paid during purchase. This is valid for only Apple Authorised Resellers.
4. To buy from Apple, the business owner must pay from GST registered card and the bill must contain the company’s name, email, and address. This bill should be uploaded to the Indian Government’s GST website to claim the amount paid.

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Appleosophy|How to buy iPhone 12 for Rs. 60,600 in India
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