Opinion: Five reasons Dollar General should accept Apple Pay

Appleosophy | Opinion: Five reasons Dollar General should accept Apple Pay
Dollar General

The coronavirus pandemic has changed a lot of companies’ attitude towards Apple Pay.

During the pandemic, other companies such as Dollar Tree and Publix have started accepting Apple Pay in its stores.

This is a big deal, especially if we consider the fact that Dollar Tree is one of Dollar General’s competitors, as well as Family Dollar, which is owned by Dollar Tree.

With everything said, here are the five reasons Dollar General should begin accepting Apple Pay in its stores:

  • They have the tech for it: Dollar General stores do have the correct card reader at its checkouts. To be more specific, most stores have the Ingenico ISC480-11P2809A card reader, which does have an NFC sensor on the left side, meaning it could accept Apple Pay if it was turned on. In fact, it is the same card reader as Best Buy’s, which does accept Apple Pay.
    Appleosophy | Opinion: Five reasons Dollar General should accept Apple Pay
  • It keeps payment information safe: If you’re any company in 2020, keeping customer card information safe is vital. Apple Pay is one of the best ways to keep your card information safe because of Apple’s great security and encryption.


  • It’s convenient: I recently went to a Dollar General store where the customer had to keep inserting their card in and out of the card reader because it was not working. Of course, this backed up the line and made me wait longer. If they would have accepted Apple Pay, this might not have been a problem.


  • Dollar General’s competition already accepts it: Both Dollar Tree and Family Dollar already accept Apple Pay, so, to compete with those two competitors, it would make sense for Dollar General to begin accepting it in its stores.


  • It could improve the company’s app too: If Dollar General accepted Apple Pay in its app too, it could help them with its online orders and curbside pickup too. Plus, Dollar Tree and Family Dollar don’t accept it in their apps, so Dollar General could be the first to do it in its app.

If Dollar General is looking to already improve its successful business, it would look into accepting Apple Pay in its stores. Accepting it would be better for the business and better for its customers as well.

David Becker
Author: David Becker

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