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Opinion: Which businesses should do 3% Daily Cash for Apple Card users

A great feature of using Apple Card is the Daily Cash users get from using either the card on their iPhone and Apple Watch or the physical card made out of titanium.

At this time, there are select that enable their customers to get 3% percent in Daily Cash when making purchases with their Apple Card through their iPhone or Apple Watch. Those businesses are Apple, Nike, T-Mobile, Uber, UberEats, ExxonMobile, Walgreens, Duane Reader, and most recently, Panera Bread.

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Making a purchase at one of those stores and get that 3% percent in Daily Cash is truly taking full advantage of the Apple Card.

However, which businesses should add themselves to that list?

Here is our list of businesses that should consider trying to get on it:

  • Petco or PetSmart: An idea for either of these companies to do is to get added to the 3% percent in Daily Cash list since it could get more customers for one business or the other.


  • Dunkin’: This could be great for the company to do something that is exclusive to it and only it, and disturb the coffee scene since Starbucks has been dominant for so long.


  • Staples: Other retailers such as Best Buy, Target and Walmart have such a high spot on the market for people buying their tech from. If Staples wanted to find a way to stand out, adding that one extra percent of Daily Cash to its stores could bring in more customers.


  • Kohl’s: The company already has a great relationship with Apple by accepting Apple Pay in its app and stores. If anything, adding 3% in Daily Cash could help it be more competitive between other clothing stores like JCPenney and Old Navy.


  • Burger King: We all know McDonald’s is a go-to for fast food burgers. If the company wanted to create a reason for people to go to BK over McDonald’s, getting 3% in Daily Cash would be a great way to make that happen.


  • Barnes and Noble: I’d like to see this just because I believe it could get more customers into its stores and could make it so people do not use Amazon or discount retailers like Target or Walmart as much.


  • Olive Garden: Unlimited breadsticks are already pretty great. How about more Daily Cash too?


  • Toys “R” Us: Yes, there are only two stores opened at this time, but it could be a good way to get more customers to shop at those stores (if you live in New Jersey or Texas). Discount retailers and Amazon already have a huge grab on the toy market, so getting the 3% percent in Daily Cash could be just one significant way to more customers.


  • Little Caesars: The pizza market is a saturated field with popular national pizza chains such as Pizza Hut, Domino’s, Papa John’s and Papa Murphy’s, which doesn’t include local mom and pop joints, as well as frozen pizzas at grocery stores. There is a need for exclusivity in the pizza market outside of the pie itself. 3% in Daily Cash could be a way to do something different.

Apple Card is still a new credit card and service from Apple, but 2021 needs to be a year of seeing more businesses take on the 3% in Daily Cash.

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