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Holden Satterwhite
Appleosophy | App Review: ‎Crouton

Crouton is a simple, sleek, and modern meal planning and recipe organizing app.

No need to pull the recipe book out of the cupboard, Crouton keeps track of your recipes in an easy and simple way. Create grocery lists with ease and never lose your important list again. Plan meals for the week and don’t stress what’s for dinner after work.

Appleosophy | App Review: ‎Crouton


Meal Plan:

Crouton helps you plan your meals for the week in an easy simple way – you can choose what meals you want for each day or Crouton can generate a plan for the week using the recipes and meals added.

Appleosophy | App Review: ‎CroutonAppleosophy | App Review: ‎Crouton


Crouton replaces your ordinary cookbooks. Simply add a recipe, ingredients, and method with ease by scanning or manually typing it in. If you’re out of an ingredient you can add it straight to your grocery list.

Appleosophy | App Review: ‎Crouton


Keeping track of your grocery list couldn’t be easier. To add an item simply tap the ‘+’ then enter the details. Crouton will automatically sync your list between your devices in reminders. (No longer will you lose the important list for Sunday’s lunch!)

I found Crouton a clean and quick way to manage my recipes, meals, and grocery list. The simple and sleek interface made the experience smooth with features other apps lacked or did poorly. It’s one less thing to worry about having to stress what to have for dinner after work, losing the grocery list and pulling out and trying to find the recipe in the cookbook. Now I can view at ease all three without the stress or hassle.

I’m giving Crouton 5/5 stars. Overall it is an outstanding app with features that other apps just don’t have. I am using Crouton Plus which enabled the ability to add unlimited recipes. You can download Crouton from the App Store for both iOS & iPadOS. One more thing, did I mention you can change the App Icon and color scheme?

Appleosophy | App Review: ‎CroutonAppleosophy | App Review: ‎Crouton

For the initial app being free and with a paid ‘plus’ edition of the app, there is no argument that your money is well spent. You can also choose to tip the developer; Devin Davies to show your appreciation for his excellent work towards making recipes, meal planning and grocery shopping all accessible to the modern world.

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Holden Satterwhite
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