Dollar General is officially getting Apple Pay support

Shortly after we published an article about why Dollar General should be accepting Apple Pay, the company looks to be heading down that path.

The Dollar General Twitter account recently confirmed that the company has begun accepting contactless payment methods like Apple Pay in its stores (also, excuse the language of the original person’s tweet).

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Since the tweet does say “Some of our stores” we can see that this acceptance of Apple Pay in Dollar General stores is going to be a gradual one.

A store I visited in Sheldon, IA, did not have Apple Pay working in its store, but did have a card reader that was said to be out of order. Whether it was actually broken or the company is updating the software on it to begin that acceptance is still a question.

Dollar General reader
A malfunctioning card reader at a Dollar General store in Sheldon, IA. 

Dollar General is not the first store of its kind to make a move like this. Similar stores such as Dollar Tree started accepting it this spring, with Family Dollar also having it as well.

The company does have over 16,000 stores, so getting Apple Pay in all of those stores could take time.


Are you excited for Dollar General to be getting Apple Pay? Let us know on Twitter at @appleosophy.

David Becker
Author: David Becker

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